Is java the best coding language

Java is still a relevant programming language that shows no sign of declining in popularity and, for that reason, is worth learning. Most developers pick it up as their first programming language because it’s reasonably easy to learn.

Since the language has an English-like syntax with minimum special characters, Java could be learned in a short time span and used to build suitable applications.

Java is part of a family of languages that are heavily influenced by C++ (as well as C#), therefore learning Java offers vast benefits when learning these other two languages.

Swarnim Srivastava, a Java Enthusiast, agrees that the language is worth learning. He explains the critical areas in which it is used:

Building Android apps

Although there are other ways to make Android apps, most of the applications are written in Java using Google’s Android API. Although Android uses difference JVM and packaging methods, the code is still predominantly Java.

  • Java web applications – Many government, healthcare, insurance, education, and defense departments have their web applications built in Java. A significant example of this is Google’s Gmail.
  • Software tools – Many useful software and development tools are written and developed in Java, e.g. Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and NetBeans IDE.
  • Scientific applications – Nowadays, Java is often the default choice for scientific applications, including natural language processing. The main reason for this is because it is safe, portable, maintainable and comes with better high-level concurrency tools than C++ or any other language.

Depending on your career prospects, Java can take you on different career paths. Whether you’re interested in building games, mobile applications, desktop applications, or web applications, Java is capable of working in these environments.