Cyber Resilience

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Security is a must nowadays

With IT security being so important to your day-to-day operations, the need for an experienced and responsive IT server and network monitoring company is even more important. The last thing you need is a major security problem to cost you time, money, and possibly yours and your employees’ private information. You need a trusted partner who has provided IT security for numerous businesses just like yours struggling to understand the ever-changing problems their networks face.

Connecting those dots.

Ninja It Solutions has served the needs of small and medium-sized businesses for nearly two decades. Our experience in the industry has allowed us to fully understand the networks that uphold your business functions. Through our wide variety of reliable IT security services, we support you as your business grows. We adapt with the constantly changing information technology industry and strategize the next steps, all while reducing downtime and allowing you to maintain your day-to-day operations. Your private information is in good hands with Us.


How Does Cybersecurity Work?

At Ninja It Solutions, we implement advanced IT security strategies that prevent data breaches, unauthorized access, and other IT security threats that your organization’s network may face. We’ll assess your current server and network infrastructure, as well as develop a personalized report that includes recommendations for improving your business’ IT security.

Some common concerns about cybersecurity you might have encountered include:

Data breaches – A data breach in your company’s sensitive information can have wide-ranging implications and cause issues of compliance for your business, as well as impact how much others trust you to keep their information secure. Our IT security services help maintain the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information by blocking sophisticated hackers from gaining access to your company’s assets and network.

Malware – You or an employee receive a suspicious email and click a link, unknowingly exposing your entire network to malicious software. A malware attack can shut down a company for days or weeks, depending on the severity, and spread to your customers. 

Ransomware – The last thing you want is to discover that someone has not only gained access to your data, but wants you to pay them to gain it back. These scams are typically invalid but scare many business owners into sending tens of thousands of dollars each year to unknown entities looking for a quick buck. You can depend on our robust IT security to keep hackers out so you can continue business as usual.