Cloud Server Hosting

ninja it solutions

With server to the cloud

 enjoy the reclaimed office space while simply do away with management or any hardware expense.

Though every one has heard of ‘cloud’, there are umpteen small and medium- sized businesses that are unaware of the many benefits it has on offer.

Your business will have a lot less burden with hosting server and other sensitive equipment at a well managed data center with credibility. This translates to more space at office, reduced consumption of electricity and most importantly less man power to manage. Hosted infrastructure is managed well by IT professionals who are experts in the field and assure stability, constant reliability and uptime. All your data is sufficiently backed with virus at bay and all possible security protection is managed in-house.
Revolutionize your IT

Connecting those dots.

You do not have to invest in expensive hardware, simply to manage, administer and maintain.

Our data centre offers secure, reliable access to your servers. Forget the security patches, the hardware management and the software updates. The Ninja It Solutions cloud environment supports you with all the resources that your business needs.

Business Computing Access all your files and applications from anywhere

Along with all the savings for the business, hosted server and IT infrastructure gives you the flexibility to access all files and applications from anywhere anytime. This is a perfect solution for employees who are on the move.

With Your IT environment hosted in our data centre with Microsoft office, Outlook/Exchange and software applications, you will not loose any functionality. Instead your business will only benefit with concentration on the real matters instead of focusing on IT related issues.

Infrastructure in the Cloud

Simply take all of your IT requirements to the cloud

You may not limit the cloud computation with only server. We offer you a cast range of hosted infrastructure solutions that include data storage and desktop virtualization as well.
Do not worry about any software or hardware updates with the IT infrastructure completely managed by us. Empower your staff with all the tools needed for brisk business and yet protect your profits. Set up a consultation and see your business grow.