The different languages for coding

Coding and programming skills are some of the most in-demand abilities in the modern job market. As many more services transition to digital and online technologies, there is a need for people who can write and understand many different types of code. We take a look at some of the different programming languages and what […]

The best solutions for your company

There is a subtle difference between providing “products” and providing “solutions.” Solutions imply an integration of service and products. For each customer, companies go through their inventory of products and configure them to address that customer’s specific challenges. Each customer may have slightly different needs and slightly different constraints. The customers don’t all fit in […]

Is java the best coding language

Java is still a relevant programming language that shows no sign of declining in popularity and, for that reason, is worth learning. Most developers pick it up as their first programming language because it’s reasonably easy to learn. Since the language has an English-like syntax with minimum special characters, Java could be learned in a […]

How to code as an expert

I will assume you start from scratch. First choose a paradigm. Functional or imperative. I don’t know much about functional languages and I assume you want ultimately learn how to code applications in C++ or Java or websites in Javascript, so here’s my todo list for an imperative language. For every point on that list, […]